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Please contact us with any questions or issues. We'd love to hear from you! 


Q. Is this a real product? 
A. You better ballieve it! The TAC-SAC is American designed and manufactured, and lovingly assembled (but not in a weird way) in Anchorage, Alaska.

Q. Who are you folks? Why’d you make this silly thing?
A. Just some dudes who thought it would be funny to give people SACs for their guns. Geniuses, basically. If you’d like to remind us that we’re a few screws short, or just want to chat: [email protected]. If you’d like to know more or write glowing things about us on the ‘nets, check out our press page.

Q. Will the TAC-SAC fit on my firearm, paintball marker, or airsoft gun?
A. If it has a standard picatinny accessory rail, yes. But make sure it’s a boy-gun, first -- no sense confusing your Vera.

Q. Can I use it with the KeyMod system? 
A. Not without a picatinny adapter. 

Q. What about weaver rails?
A. Nope. It’s picatinny or picatinny. 

Q. I want to put this on my firearm/paintball marker/airsoft gun but I’m not sure if that’s legal in my state…
A. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW THE LAWS IN YOUR  STATE, COUNTY, AND CITY AND TO COMPLY WITH THEM. There’s no joke here: If in doubt, ask your lawyer. We aren’t lawyers. No ballogna (ok, one joke).

Q. Is the TAC-SAC a foregrip?
A.  While the TAC-SAC is intended for purely decorative purposes, you must understand your local laws to know if it constitutes a vertical foregrip. It is NOT intended to be used as a foregrip. This is where we yell at you again: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW THE LAWS IN YOUR  STATE, COUNTY, AND CITY AND TO COMPLY WITH THEM. If you can't legally use them, don't. 

Q. How tough are these things? I wanna run ‘em over with my truck or shoot ‘em out of my cannon. They can handle that, right?
A. Remember that the TAC-SAC is about laughs. They’re a novelty. They aren’t intended for hard use, or to be used as a foregrip. While you don’t need to baby them -- they’re made from a tough injection-molded plastic -- they’re still SACs and should be treated with care. You guys know what I’m talking about. Don’t crank on ‘em, slap ‘em around, jump on ‘em, etc.

Q. What about flesh color? Do they come in tan? Blue balls! Sparkle-rainbow?!?
A. We will be adding new colors to the lineup very soon! Send us an e-mail and tell us what you want -- if enough of you folks demand it, we’ll make it. We have a ton of wacky ideas that we’d love to put out. Help us get the balls rolling!

Q. Why would I want a TAC-SAC?
A. How else are you going to check if your gun has a hernia? Also, if you have to ask a question like that you’re probably --

Q. OMG am I a giant wuss?
A. Maybe. I was going to say “a classy gent/lady”...but if you think you need to get your balls back, SAC UP and BUY A TAC-SAC! 

Q. I have more questions, how can I ask them?
We’re pretty great at answering email. Our semaphore is pretty rusty and you’re probably far away, so try email first. 


Q. How quickly can you get a TAC-SAC in my hands?
Most orders are shipped in 1-2 business day. USPS Priority Mail usually takes 3-5 days, and First Class is 4-6 days. During the holiday season (Nov.-Dec.), orders may take a few extra days to process, and we cannot guarantee delivery times due to carrier delays. If you need your package in a hurry, feel free to check with us via e-mail and we will do our best to expedite it for you! 

Q. How much is shipping in the U.S.?
Shipping is a flat $7.99 for most orders, via USPS Priority Mail, and $4.99 for First Class on orders under 1 lbs.  That’s what it costs us to box up our bags and ship them out, so that’s what it costs you. Rates for larger orders vary -- add an item to your cart for an accurate shipping quote.

Q. I live in Canada/the U.K./Australia/some other neat country. When are you guys going to ship internationally?

We can only ship TAC-SACs to the USA currently. Yeah, it stinks. We know. 

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